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Alugreat Partitions in Sri Lanka serve the function of a divider, separating rooms or even portions of a room in order to take greater advantage of the space available. Employed mostly for office or commercial use, this aluminium partition system is designed as non-load bearing walls, but with the flexibility of movement.

The Alumex aluminium partition system allows customers to accommodate different boards and glasses, so as to customize these divisions. With these aluminium glass partitions, occupants are provided with added privacy, and a distraction-free environment through the reduced sound penetration.

The Alugreat aluminium partition system is recognized in the market as one that is economical, low maintenance, highly durable, and easy to install. Our aluminium partition panels are especially designed to serve varying purposes including cubicles, wall paneling, doors, and windows in addition to partitions.

Furthermore, the Alugreat aluminium partition system is an excellent substitute for conventional wooden paneling. Not only do these last longer and are easier to use, but they also provide a considerable degree of noise reduction. Fortified with BFT Guard (Borer, Fungus and Termite Proof), the system is also 100% waterproof, resistant to stain and abrasion, and gives an elegant appearance to the interiors. Additionally, labor costs are significantly reduced, as no polishing is required.

Alugreat produces a wide range of aluminium partitions in Sri Lanka to satisfy the functional and aesthetic needs of individual customers.

100mm Partition

Double side Cladding and Glass Partition