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100mm Door

The 100mm swing door system is designed to meet the market demand for a cost-effective, durable swing door while having the key attributes of a commercial door. This makes it ideal for semi-architectural and commercial projects such as domestic entry doors, internal applications or lower traffic use doors where the installation of a full commercial door would be excessive.
This door can be fitted with either single or double swing units and is also compatible with a vast range of commercial and architectural locks and furniture. The door system can be installed using hinges or floor hinges. The door can be opened up to 180 degrees with the floor hinge option. Moreover, customers can get a solution for any door outer such as for shop front, partition, board or glass door. The maximum glass size it can accommodate is 8mm. Alumex swing 100mm doors provide you with multifunctional access to and within your home with its dual swing design.
In addition to bringing in increased daylight illumination and increased outdoor visibility, this design is fully compatible with your architectural requirements. Our Swing doors are also highly secure and add a new dimension to your living space with its elegant profile.

Available in a range of colors, finishes and custom designs.
Compatible with the full range of international standard locking systems.